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Privac policy
At Maruhama-Kankitsu Co-op, (hereinafter referred to as Maruhama-Kankitsu), we take the responsibility of the security of all personal information of our clients and customers (hereinafter, “the customer”) very seriously. Maruhama-Kankitsu makes every effort to obey the laws and standards regarding the protection of personal information and have voluntarily established rules and systems in order to do so. Maruhama-Kankitsu strictly observes our privacy policy regarding personal information, which is set out below.

1. In order to see that our privacy policy is carried out, Maruhama-Kankitsu has set internal policies which are strictly observed, improved and maintained by Maruhama-Kankitsu’s executives and staff, and concerned third parties.

2. Maruhama-Kankitsu has a CPO in place to ensure the security of personal data, and has proper safety measures in place to ensure that there is no loss, destruction, falsification of data, leaks or unauthorized access to personal data

3. Maruhama-Kankitsu receives access to personal data only through appropriate and fair means and not by unauthorized means. The purposes for which we use any personal data received from the customer will be listed on our website or through direct notification to the customer.

4. Maruhama-Kankitsu does not use personal data for any means beyond those listed or otherwise given unless the customer gives their consent, in which case anonymous data is used strictly for analytical purposes; or unless it is prescribed by law.

5. If a customer wishes a query, alteration or revision of personal data, Maruhama-Kankitsu will carry out such changes as soon as possible after confirmation of the customer’s request.

6. Maruhama-Kankitsu will not disclose personal information to a third party unless having received the customer’s consent or if required by law. Data may be consigned to a third party under contract with necessary personal data protection guidelines in place.